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Country Music Of 2013 Second Hand Dreams Tanya Marie Harris


January 4, 2015

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If you’ve never heard of Tanya Marie Harris, just sit back and take a listen to her debut single, “A Woman Scorned.” Chances are, you’ll be asking for more.

Harris hails from an honest musical heritage, recalling her mother exposing her to artists as diverse as Patsy Cline, AC/DC, and The Eagles during her formative years. Harris eventually found music to be a place of escape, helping her through a difficult childhood that found her helping to raise her two disabled sisters. Harris’ performance leanings began early as well, penning her first track at the age of eight and finding later inspiration from Joe Diffie’s “John Deere Green,” which challenged her with the power of storytelling within songwriting.

The Canadian born-and-raised singer struggled to find her place early on after her schooling but was led to the non-profit sector, eventually coming to a place where she realized that she could combine her passion for music together with her vocation. To that end, the artist has “used her performing talents to raise money for The Multiple Sclerosis Society, Child Find, and cancer research” and is currently promoting a conductive education camp for children with cerebral palsy.

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