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How to Download Free Music (Full Albums)


December 5, 2014


Download here! Wait 5 seconds, click “skip ad”
(Version 1 used in video. Version 2 is better, but you’ll have to figure it out on your own.)

Download links seem to have broken on their site. Here’s a direct download:

Mac Alternative (Music Download Center)

Download Here!

Recently, I have become aware that Songr STILL does not work well for the full albums, so try out this site here for full albums from all the most recent and popular artists FREE!

Follow the Pirate’s Code:
“Article Three
A man shall steal as much music as he needs to quench his thirst, assuming that he supports the band by attending concerts and buying t-shirts. One should always buy the work of an indie label, however, if the music is deemed pleasant after the new moon, it’s time for purchasing.”

“Article Eight
After you try it, if you really like it and can afford to do so, buy it.”

More videos coming soon guys!

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