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Free Background Music 12: Dreams (120 bpm)


December 5, 2014

This background music is free to use for non-commercial videos, presentations and other multimedia projects; just provide a credit: music by longzijun.

You can download the free MP3 file from:

More detailed terms of use of songs in the free background music series can be found here:

This composition is part of a series of music tracks done as background music for various videos. Among all my songs, this one is probably the most versatile in that it can suit all kinds of videos. It works especially well with slow-motion shots. Many viewers have comments that this song is also good background music for studying.

This music was originally created for a student video: Dreamers HK – What’s Your Dream in Life?:

This music was composed and recorded using a Korg m50. The drum and percussion parts are from pre-recorded loops. The song was edited using Sonar Home Studio.

The video is simply a video capture of the song playing in i-tunes (with the i-tunes visualizer showing).

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