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“LEGENDARY RATING” (2014) 4 New Album Releases DEMOS – COMING SOON! (FEB. 5th 2014)


August 28, 2017

Prepare on your own for 4 brand-new LEGENDARY! cd launches from IMPRESSIVE SCORE! to be released on February 5th by means of itunes as well as Albums composed by Gabriel Shadid (firm owner), Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Aaron Sapp, Tarek Mansur, Alex Pfeffer & Daniel James.

Right here is 4 demo sneak peeks of all 4 albums that Impressive Score launched today on their internet site. Cds are “ES028 – Trip Past The Sky” (composed by Aaron Sapp & Gabriel Shadid), “ES029 – Stamina To Think” (Daniel James 1st solo album), “ES030 – Blaze of Glory” & “ES031 – Ravaged World (both albums made up by Aleksandar Dimitrijevic, Edward Bradshaw, Tarek Mansur & Alex Pfeffer)

Cd Demos streaming on Legendary Score’s web site. to be launched on Wednesday Feb Fifth 2014 using & itunes.

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