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Jahaan Tum Ho Video Song|Shrey Singhal|Newest Tune 2016|T-Series


May 9, 2017

Presenting “Jahaan Tum Ho” Video clip Song ft. SHREY SINGHAL
in this performance of Popular Hindi Tune solely on T-Series.

Tune ♫ Also Readily available On:

For Customer Songs:
Jahaan Tum Ho
Jahaan Tum Ho – Subha Ki Karwat

Set “Jahaan Tum Ho” as your caller tune – sms JAHTH1 To 54646
Establish “Jahaan Tum Ho – Subha Ki Karwat” as your caller song – sms JAHTH2 To 54646
Driver Codes:

1. Jahaan Tum Ho
Vodafone Customers Call 5378970689
Airtel Subscribers Dial 5432116037290
Reliance Subscribers SMS CT 8970689 to 51234
Suggestion Customers Call 567898970689
Tata DoCoMo Subscribers call 5432118970689
Aircel Customers sms DT 6503198 To 53000
BSNL (South/ East) Clients sms BT 8970689 To 56700
BSNL (North/ West) Clients sms BT 6503198 To 56700
Virgin Customers sms TT 8970689 To 58475
MTS Clients sms CT 6502793 to 55777
Videocon Customers call 54321100514647
Telenor Customers dial 50016503099
MTNL Subscribers sms PT 8970689 To 56789

2. Jahaan Tum Ho – Subha Ki Karwat
Vodafone Subscribers Call 5378970690
Airtel Clients Dial 5432116037341
Reliance Subscribers SMS CT 8970690 to 51234
Idea Clients Call 567898970690
Tata DoCoMo Clients dial 5432118970690
Aircel Customers sms DT 6503199 To 53000
BSNL (South/ East) Subscribers sms BT 8970690 To 56700
BSNL (North/ West) Customers sms BT 6503199 To 56700
Virgin Clients sms TT 8970690 To 58475
MTS Customers sms CT 6502794 to 55777
Videocon Subscribers dial 54321100514648
Telenor Customers call 50016503100
MTNL Subscribers sms PT 8970690 To 56789

Track Credit histories:
Song: Jahaan Tum Ho
Singer: Shrey Singhal
Songs Supervisor: Shrey Singhal
Lyrics: Abhendra Kumar Upadhyay
A paper doll amusement manufacturings
Dop: Ahmed Khan
Director: Adnan Shaikh
Line manufacturer: Line manufacturing Turkey
Editor: Nitin FCP
Music Label: T-Series

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