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The Best of Christmas Songs 2016 | 1 Hour Epic Music Mix | Epic Music VN


December 28, 2016

Our small gift for you guys!! Merry Christmas to all of you and your family!! ⛄❄🌲

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★ Track List ★

00:00 Mark Petrie – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
02:18 Really Slow Motion – Reborn
05:16 Phillip Lober – Final Light
08:17 audiomachine – Lullaby of the Siren
11:00 Peter Crowley – A Mysterious Christmas
15:40 Taratlo Music – Scions of Teutates
18:29 audiomachine – When The Time Comes
21:26 audiomachine – Fate’s Compass
23:53 Brand X Music – It’s A Merry World
26:22 Gothic Storm – Look To The Stars
29:18 Fired Earth Music – Strength of Destiny
31:59 audiomachine – Festival of Light
35:33 audiomachine – Peculiar Magic
38:12 Lion’s Heart Productions – Fight The Power
40:33 Imagine Music – Infinity
44:52 James Paget – Go Beyond
49:19 PostHaste Music – Once Upon A Time
52:03 Imagine Music – God Nature’s Wakingtlemen
54:13 audiomachine – Wildest Imagination

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Video was edited by bonD

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