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SPM – Jackers In My Home – The Last Chair Violinist


January 16, 2017

A Song By SPM (South Park Mexican) Called “Jackers In My Home” From SPM (South Park Mexican) Album “The Last Chair Violinist” 2008 DopeHouse Records

Track List To the Album “The Last Chair Violinist”
1. Baby’s Prayer, A
2. Swim
3. Mexican Heaven (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)
4. Last Chair Violinist, The (featuring Carolyn Rodriguez)
5. Gangsterous (featuring Powda)
6. The Ghost(featuring Juan Gotti/Nelly/Rasheed)
7. Dead Pictures
8. Carolyn Clownin’
9. Hoggin’ And Doggin'(featuring Carolyn Rodriguez/Low G/Lucky Luciano/Baby Bash)
10. These Streets(featuring Carolyn Rodriguez/Rasheed)
11. In Hillwood Ft.Ice/Carolyn Rodriguez/Baby Bash)
12. Vogues
13. Are We Real(Fft. Carolyn Rodriguez)
14. Dope House Mind, The
15. Jackers In My Home
16. Strapped & Deadly (Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)
17. Silhouettes (Feat. Carolyn Rodriguez)

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