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Japanese Music – Traditional Bamboo Flute, Koto, Shamisen – Zen Music


November 18, 2016

Original, adorable, super relaxing Japanese Music with Traditional Folk instruments such as Bamboo Flute, Koto, Shamisen. Super Relaxing Zen Music.

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Traditional Japanese Music Instruments:
Shakuhachi (Bamboo flute)
Shakuhachi are usually made from the root end of a bamboo culm and are extremely versatile instruments. Professional players can produce virtually any pitch they wish from the instrument, and play a wide repertoire of original Zen music, ensemble music with koto, biwa, and shamisen, folk music, jazz, and other modern pieces.

The koto is the national instrument of Japan. Koto are about 180 centimetres (71 in) length, and made from kiri wood (Paulownia tomentosa). They have 13 strings that are strung over 13 movable bridges along the width of the instrument. Players can adjust the string pitches by moving the white bridges in the picture before playing, and use three finger picks (on thumb, index finger, and middle finger) to pluck the strings, otherwise known as plectra.

The shamisen is a plucked stringed instrument. Its construction follows a model similar to that of a guitar or a banjo, with a neck and strings stretched across a resonating body. The neck of the shamisen is fretless and slimmer than that of a guitar or banjo. The body, called the dō (胴), resembles a drum, having a hollow body that is taut front and back with skin, in the manner of a banjo.

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Japanese Music – Zen Garden Video with Traditional Instruments
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