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How to make MUSIC! Step 1? Build a studio, then record a song.


April 5, 2017

Want to learn how to make music and record a song? Here we go! Let’s start with building the studio. Next up is how to record.

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Any questions, ask me in the comments. 🙂 Recommended gear below (or check my blog here:

The cheapest setup involves just getting a USB Mic only:

USB mics…

Blue Yeti USB:
Rode NT_USB:
Shure MV51 (works with iPhones and iPads too):

USB mics can be a little bit noisy, so the next big step up in sound quality is to get an audio interface and a standard mic.

Mics (choose what you need based on price and what instruments you intend to record)…

Rode NT1A vocal mic (best quality for the price IMO):
Shure KSM42 vocal mic (this is what I use–incredible mic):
Shure SM57 instrument mic (excellent, cheap, all-purpose instrument mic):
Rode M5 matched pair (use for stereo mic’ing instruments like acoustic guitars, pianos, strings):
Rode NT55 matched pair (same uses as above, but better quality; these sound AMAZING):
Shure Beta 58A Mic:

Audio interfaces (need this if you’re going standard mic route instead of USB mic)…

Scarlett Solo (sounds good, cheap, but only 1 input):
Scarlett 2i2 (has two inputs, required for stereo mic’ing):
Apollo Twin (incredible sound, on-board DSP):
Apollo Twin (same as above but USB instead of Thunderbolt):
Universal Audio Apollo Audio Interface Quad:

DAW Software (I use Cubase):
Steinberg Cubase Pro 9:
Steinberg Cubase Pro 8.5:

Monitors (so you can hear your playback)…

Mackie CR3 (small but effective):
Mackie MR8 (excellent for the price):
Yamaha HS8 (very well regarded monitors):

Headphones (so you can record without mic bleed):

Sennheiser HD280 (I’ve used a pair of these for 10 years, really recommend):

Low noise computer case (for cleaner recordings):
Fractal Design Quite Cases:

Cables (to hook stuff up):

XLR (for mics to interface):
Instrument (for electric guitar to hi-Z input on interface):
TRS to TRS 1/4″ (for monitors, you can also use XLR to XLR if your monitors/interface have the right jacks):

These are affiliate Amazon links. You can support my channel by purchasing through them. 🙂

If you want to make your own music, you can. This video series will show you how to build a studio and record music.

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