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90 Min Of Sad Emotional Music Part 2 Full Stream


June 10, 2015

An incredible emotional and sad music journey

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Hello and welcome to one of my soon-to-be- 500 tracks.
Ive created many tunes, from sad, melancholic music to various electronic tunes,
so take your time to browse through em and Im sure you will find many gems in this ocean of vibes and emotions.

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01. The Silent Winter Of Our Hearts 00:00
02. Embraced In The Final Moment 12:45
03. Via Dolorosa 21:43
04. The Fallen Symphony 30:59
05. In Silence She Drew Her Final Breath 36:55
06. Fleeting Moments Of Joy 39:30
07. Some Things Are Meant To Be 44:50
08. Its Whats Inside 47:53
09. Love Kills 56:46
10. Längtar Bort Från Livet 01:02:34
11. The Depressive Years 01:09:31
12. Take Our Scars Into The Stars 01:17:05
13. Cosmic Echoes (Tribute To Ena) 01:22:56

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