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YouTube: The Rap Video


August 11, 2016

All songs is comprised by me

I wish you all similar to this one! =D

Do not take this seriously, simply enjoy with it men

WOW I obtained showcased!!! I’m so fired up concerning this! Many thanks all that enjoy!

As well as THANKS youtube!!

And also thanks to “adiblasi” for his charitable message and for helping me out. Have a look at his network if you obtain the chance!

Likewise visit his website


The greatest website on the planet is youtube, if you have not heard it, you ideal check the information. Create its the very best, it kills the remainder, it even makes people stress. Currently I recognize whatcha thinkin, as well as I realise whatcha sayin, a white male rappin, whats he thinkin ?! Well I’m commending youtube, as well as just what far better method after that make this video clip for every one of you

So Check it & Show yo love, to the numba 1 website from the heavens above. Create its a present from the masters chad and also steve. Got ta provide them commend for the magnificences they developed

Youtube! It’s the one and only, every little thing else is totally bologna! So simply sit back and hear this chorus, Youtube! it proves to no regret!


Every person

Must Be Chillin At Youtube ( repeat )

The name is youtube, you ideal obtain it right. If you do not reconize after that foget yo life cuz theres no space for dissin the site, so you much better check yoself trigger you understand I’m right

It’s a fad, not a faze, trigger individuals are surprised. that it will last permanently till the globes ablazed. Till we reach to the point when were cold as well as old, as the masters grandchildren take steering

Youtube! its the name of the game. Every little thing else is placed to embarassment! Neva reject as well as take it in capillary, trigger its neva lame to have internet fame.

Youtube! It’s the one and only, every little thing else is entirely bologna! So simply sit back and pay attention to this carolers, Youtube! it reveals no regret!


Every person

Should Be
Chillin At Youtube

( repeat)

What better means to share yoself, compared to audio & aesthetic videos. With a few clicks down your ready to go, To upload and reveal your videos.

Every person integrates from throughout the globe. To attach & chat, import & upload. Making videos and also provide everybody to see. It’s the best place to be when you wan na be free

So get a couple of drinks and also simply chill out. Vlogs, Video clips, you realise all about. And constantly show as well as neva disregard. The best site that should have respect.

Youtube! It’s the only, everything else is entirely bologna! So simply unwind as well as listen to this carolers, Youtube! it shows no sorrow!

Every person Ought to Be
Chillin At Youtube

( repeat 4x).

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