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Soundgine Music Player REVIEW | Sell Beats, Albums & Singles Online


December 5, 2014

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Soundgine… is it the best way to sell music online for producers, musicians and artists? Well, here’s my follow-up review to the Euphony Beats review ( I shot earlier this year… and I think you’ll be as impressed as I am! 🙂

5 flexible options to embed your music store on your website, blog, Facebook and Soundclick page including the Engine, Micron, Mech5, Mobility and custom Pod players!

*New Notable Features*

— YouTube/Spotlight —
Now play YouTube videos directly inside of your music store! Allow your potential fans and customers to get to know, like and trust you instantly through video. A very unique feature that, if used properly, will help you to increase sales. A super innovative add-on and simply put… dope!

— Free Downloads —
You can now provide your potential customers a free demonstration download of your instrumentals from within your Soundgine player. This will help you to convert sales and to build your e-mail list at the same time! Watch this video for a detailed explanation of the benefits of providing free “tagged” beat downloads on your website.

— Sell Your Albums —
You’re no longer limited to only selling beats! Now sell your albums directly from this “all-in-one” music store. The look and feel of the albums view very much resembles iTunes in the way that you preview the album artwork and can purchase the entire albums or individual tracks instantly.

— Sell Your Singles —
In addition to selling your albums, you can now sell single songs as well. The YouTube functionality will really allow your audience and fans to engage with your music video before buying your song!

— Vue —
And how about a responsive website layout too! Free with your Soundgine service, you can easily customize your very own site layout within the admin panel. No coding required! This is an excellent solution if you’re looking for an alternative plug-and-play option to get your site up and running asap. As soon as you create a new account, your “Vue” template is generated as a sub-domain on the Soundgine website, and you can start customizing it right away. And if you already have your own domain name, you can easily setup a url re-direct to your personal dot com.

I’ve personally used the Soundgine music player (previously Euphony beats) for nearly 4 years and I wouldn’t recommend a better way to sell your beats and music instantly from your website, blog or Soundclick page. I’m very excited to see what Soundgine has in store moving forward into 2015!

P.S. In addition to what I covered in this Soundgine review, there are many more exciting features included with this service – and you can find all of the detailed information at ➜

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Travis Cole (TCustomz

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