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Pono’s New High Fidelity Music Player


December 21, 2014

PonoMusic, a startup that aims to create a music download service and physical music player focusing on ultra high-quality sound, set out to raise $800,000 on Kickstarter but ended their campaign last week at a staggering $6.2 million.

Endorsements from music industry luminaries such as co-founder Neil Young, investor Bruce Springsteen, and many others certainly didn’t hurt PonoMusic’s cause. But it’s not celebrity clout alone that can bring this kind of success.

Ultimately, even though there are many critics of the claims PonoMusic has made, it seems the Pono Player is something that thousands of people can’t wait to have for themselves. Colleen Taylor talks to CEO of PonoMusic John Hamm about their Kickstarter win and the new Pono Player.

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