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How To Legally Download Songs On iPhone/iPod/iPad WITHOUT Computer FREE! (2015 METHOD!)


February 9, 2015

NOTE: The app mentioned in the video isnt showing up in app store. SO instead search this exact thing in app store “downlaoder” and download the first green app thats free. Then do the same steps mentioned in video.

Yes folks this is how you download ANY song legally and FREE on any iTouch device! Its DOESNT have to be iOS7 it can be ANY version!

APP NAME – (Search this term in app store – “downloader” and download the first one)
Price – FREE!

1. Download iDOwnloads(plus)
2. Go to “Browser” in bottom left hand corner.
3. Search “
4. Type song you want.
5. CLick the green download link under the song.
6. Wait for download to be done and enjoy it on your “files” tab!


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