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Download Free iTunes Music to iPhone, iPad, iPad


December 17, 2014

This video will take you through a step by step guide demonstration how to download I tunes music for free to and of the following devices, iPhone, iPad & iPod.

No jailbreak is needed, this works on absolutely all devises.
The free music download app will not use the memory on your devise, therefore you will save memory and valuable room on your device, the music on my iPhone has always been a worry as it takes up a lot of room, with the aforementioned app your music is stored on a cloud automatically, no account needs to be set up.

If you create playlists you can listen when connected to WIFI, if you select the download this will be accessible to listen to when you have no connection at all.

For free iTunes music download select the Genres and from the top select iTunes top 100, you can download absolutely free (tell your friends), you can but a upgraded version and there will be no advertisements on the app. Free app is blue, paid app costing £2.99 is purple.

Category: Music Download