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The Southern Jubilees Of Cleveland Mississippi – Black Gospel Quartet – Zion – Gospel Soul


December 17, 2014

This type of gospel music is often referred to as ‘Gospel Soul’ due to the uptempo style of delivery. I have had a photo of the Southern Jubilees for a few years, but no music. I finally located a recording. Unfortunately, these local groups have been lost in the fray of well-known groups like the Mighty Clouds Of Joy, etc. Their work was no less important. Most of them are deceased or up in age, and no one is archiving their work. That is why I search for these lost recordings and upload when found. Thank God for You Tube, they will now live in infamy……or maybe throughout our lifetimes, unless Youtube crashes….Lol. Enjoy this stomping gospel cut from Cleveland MS!

The Southern Jubilees also performed as Heaven Bound Singers – same group. SEE NOVEMBER VIDEO BELOW:

Published on Nov 17, 2012
The Heaven Bound Singers Of Cleveland Mississippi Black Gospel Quartet. This group was known to sing under other names. I believe they were also known as “Big Milton And The Sons Of The South”, The “Southern Jubilees” and others. As members left, the group re-organized and changed its name and record label. At one time, the group was led by Rev. Sammie Rash of Cleveland, MS. A couple of the members still live around the Mississippi Delta; but, most are deceased. They recorded on several record labels. They were prominent in the 1970’s, during the time gospel music was revolutionized by a sprinkling of soul, making traditional black gospel music sound like R&B; therefore, more appealing to sinners and saints alike.

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