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Fantasy DJ – Make Beats for Free with the Virtual Online Music Studio


December 5, 2014

Fantasy DJ, free sign up at – Unleash your imagination.

Create Beats with your own virtual studio, and make music that the pros will be in awe of.

* Be A DJ Star *
Fantasy DJ is an entry level beat maker that allows you to make music online, produce instrumentals, produce rap beats online, scour the net, find new sounds from all parts of the world or musical cultures and ignite them to make instrumentals online while creating unique sounds that nobody else has ever done, making your work truly unique.

* Customise Your Beat *
The online beat making virtual studio features a beats per minute control system, enabling you to re-adapt music and mixes at your preferred speed.

Turn your chillout tune into a high energy dance track. With the Fantasy DJ music production machine, beat or tempo can be chosen that suits your musical taste, beat making online has never been easier.

* Create Mashups From Major Artists *
If you’ve ever wondered what a Motown classic would sound like with a progressive house beat layered over the top. Now it’s possible with Fantasy DJ, try it for yourself.

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