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December 17, 2014

I released another Reggae mix that has the same vibe as this one. Click below to view
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Inside You (Phonique & Tigerskin Remix) I-Kie & Ares

Om:Masters by Fred Everything (Continuous Mix) Fred Everything, JT Donaldson, Hot Toddy, Ladybug Mecca and Shur-I-Kan featuring N’Dea Davenport, Roy Davis Jr., Wayne Tennant, Alexander East, Lisa Shaw, Tortured

This Is Ska Bad Manners

Tawoumga (Fred Everything’s Petit Dub) Champion

Coro (The Coloniak Mentality) Kerri Chandler
Deep House music, Underground mix ;Alternative; Different Edgy ; Hifi ; HD; NYC; SF Chicago; Miami; UK

I wanted to share my style and format of Deep house music. I want to warn you that it is Different, Which I understand is not appreciated by the average crowd. This is not Funky or Soulful house. These tracks are Very Deep. This style is strictly underground, which almost never gets radio air play.

My background is I grew up in the Skating Rink and always loved club Music. My main hobby was Roller-skating (Disco) and we would frequently go to other rinks in the NJ and NYC area. My favorite place would be a toss up between Empire Roller Rink in Brooklyn (with DJ Big Bob), The Roxy in Manhattan (straight Day), and Laces in New Hyde Park Long Island (Thursdays). We also would frequently go to other rinks in the NJ and NYC area too (The Rink in Bergenfield, Skate 22 in NJ, Skate Key in BX etc.)

Back then, My favorite DJ was Big Bob In the 80’s and 90’s which is now a well-known DJ name for the Disco Skater Circuit. He started at Empire Roller Rink in Brooklyn. Now He is playing in ATL, DC, Philly,Central Park, Down South, Etc. on Charters tour trips.

I would also DJ on Saturdays and Sundays at a local Roller Rink (Bay shore LI) back then. FYI.. at one point there were over 100 Roller rinks on long Island alone. Unfortunately, all of those Rinks are Now Closed !!

When I wasn’t skating, I always recorded the 98.7 Kiss FM NYC master mixes (Remember Shep Pettibone?). I then got into Tony Humphries which introduced me into House music, which was the product of Disco Club Music. My Favorite Record shop used to be “Rock and Soul” in Downtown Manhattan and I would buy cuts every week.

From there I’ve always gravitated to the “Rough, Deep Edgy” Acid, House music of Chicago, SF, NJ, NYC which is also UK rooted. I would always go to Club Shelter The Garage and Club Cielo. I must mention there were many Clubs playing house music back then that I didn’t mention. The music I liked always had to have that Soulful root and groove to it. I enjoy the BPM to be around 120, but not too fast. Don’t Get me wrong, I still love Classic Club, Hip hop and R & B but House music can take you to another place. If played Distortion free, Loud and well mixed, I’ve heard some tracks that would put a tear in my eyes. Although, I don’t go to the club anymore (I got married, had kids and got older); I still have the love. If you like this genre of house music and my taste in tracks, Let me know. Even though I don’t really play in Venues anymore, I Still record weekly. What can I say, I truly have the love.

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