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Background Music Free Download 24: Lock and Love


December 6, 2014

Music, photos and videos by longzijun. This free instrumental background music track can be used for non-commercial purposes; just provide a credit: music by longzijun. You can download the MP3 file from:

For more detailed terms of use, you can refer to:

Do check out the terms of use if you would like you monetize your videos or use them for commercial purposes.

The images are photos of the Locks of Love (사랑의 자물쇠), the love padlocks at N. Seoul Tower (N서울타워) on Namsan Mountain in Seoul, South Korea.
People are encouraged to dedicate their old padlocks and phones to someone they love, so each lock in the wall is supposed to represent a kind of everlasting love. It was quite touching to she so many love padlocks; I hope most of their ‘love stories’ had a good ending. This blog has interesting photos of the mostly naked wall just as it is starting to collect padlocks:

This BGM composition is part of a series of instrumental music tracks done as background music for various videos. This song is probably better suited to wordless videos as the romantic melody is quite prominent and there is a pretty large dynamic range for a background music track. The song is inspired by Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, specifically in the way the minor key melody circles around very few notes (mainly pentatonic) using small intervals before a few larger intervals on some longer notes.

The string parts (violin, cello, bass, harp) and woodwind parts were played on a Korg M50 while the percussion and the guitar parts (chorus and bridge) are from loops.

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